Victoria Wholesale Centre ||  Beginning

At the moment, there are units (Shops Units for Level 2, Cold-rooms ) available for lease.

Please contact us at Ms.Goh: 62912349 or Eric Tan: 9785 2993 for further enquiries.


In October 2011, Victoria Wholesale Centre has completed the construction of its own complex in Kallang Avenue, housing more than 100 tenants including cold rooms and warehouses.

Situated at 7-8 minutes’ walk from Kallang MRT station, Victoria Wholesale Centre is easily accessible to public commuters. There are many public parking lots near the building as well.

Within the building compound, there is also a private multi-storey carpark, equipped with electronic payment system and monitored with CCTV.

On the first level, there is a loading bay with ramp leading to the cargo lifts. In addition, there are parking lots available in times of high traffic/loading volume. Other facilities on level 1 are fire command centre, fire lifts and mailboxes for the tenants.

The circular ramp leads to the carparks on levels 3 & 4, and up to level 7 where the cold rooms and warehouses are. There are a total of 82 parking lots on levels 3 & 4.

From level 1 to level 2, there are double storey units. Each unit is well facilitated with restrooms, sprinklers, electricity and so on. A standard unit is about 4,550 mm wide and more than 10,000mm long for each floor.

On each level, one can find common restroom near the lifts. The cargo and fire lifts serve all floor levels.

Cold rooms are located at the 5th level, armed with CCTV, alarm systems and custom made doors. A standard cold room has a gross floor area of about 598.149 sq ft.

Above the cold rooms are the warehouses located on the 6th and 7th levels. Each warehouse unit is about 6m tall and houses 2 restrooms. Each is also equipped with the fire safety and electrical systems. A standard warehouse has a gross floor area of about 1,201.251 sq ft.

Canteen is located on the 8th level, with spectacular rooftop view.